We boost growth
through design.

LERO is a thrive design studio.
We identify real needs and ideate inclusive solutions that benefits everyone.


With a fresh approach, we understand the needs of the all the stakeholders by defining what the real challenges are and guided by the insights found in the research process, we generate a set of tailored design principles that shapes the ideas to overcome the challenges.

What we do

We are a people-centered design studio where we develop products, spaces and strategies focused on solutions for human empowerment and business competitiveness.


impacted people


Through tailored-made methodologies and human-centered design, we discover the real challenge, we map the opportunities, we collaborate between stakeholders and we experiment with solutions based on a system thinking approach.


Being conscious of how furniture shapes the spaces and how the users' needs shape the furniture, we develop multifunctional spaces as a good-looking tool.


We work closely with local craftsmen and companies to translate local inspiration and processes into a contemporary design language product for everyday life.

Cityscape London


#ElSalvadorSinColillas: El Tunco

Research and strategic design with social and environmental impact around cigarette butts in El Tunco beach.

Risk Logo


CreatiBid - Creative space for the BID

Design and development of creative space for the BID.

Nike Shoe



Project for production with recycled plastic through an ecosystem that integrates opportunities in vulnerable communities through plastic shredding.

Think Twice Logo


The Color Movement Coworking spaces

Integral design for high-risk communities.

Cause Roast


Estadio Ventures

Interior design and development for flexible coworking office.

Hello Boxed Water



Interior design and development for the offices of the Rafael Meza Ayau Foundation.

Leonel and Roberto, founders.

We believe that all people have what it takes to create the life they want. 

We believe in the ecosystem and how to be an active part of something bigger that brings together different stakeholders working for the common good.  

Strategic partnerships

Let's work together

You are the real hero and based on your knowledge and expertise, we start the research that allows us together to identify what the challenge is so we can focus the resources on the problema so the solutions can be generated tailored to different needs such as time frame, scope or budget.

We become your ally to discover, map and experiment on new strategies to solve the most difficult challenges through an inclusive process that ensures the aligment of everyone's benefits.

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If you're interested in working with us, please let us know about you, your organization and what you would like to achieve.

We create positive impact through design.

We are based in Santa Tecla, El Salvador.